PLEASE NOTE: This document applies to v1.5 version and not to the latest stable release v1.9

    Ceph Object Store User CRD

    Rook allows creation and customization of object store users through the custom resource definitions (CRDs). The following settings are available for Ceph object store users.


    apiVersion: ceph.rook.io/v1
    kind: CephObjectStoreUser
      name: my-user
      namespace: rook-ceph
      store: my-store
      displayName: my-display-name

    Object Store User Settings


    • name: The name of the object store user to create, which will be reflected in the secret and other resource names.
    • namespace: The namespace of the Rook cluster where the object store user is created.


    • store: The object store in which the user will be created. This matches the name of the objectstore CRD.
    • displayName: The display name which will be passed to the radosgw-admin user create command.